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Durūs al Balāghah

Arabic Rhetoric

Arabic Rhetoric

Rhetoric is an extension of grammar that enhances the art of communication through eloquence. To be able to appreciate the beauty and eloquence of the Qurʿān and to be able to access the Qurʿānic commentaries that emphasise linguistics features of the Qur'ān, it is essential to have knowledge of this science.  This course will focus on the fundamental disciplines of balāghah:

ʿIlm al Maʿāni: Word order

ʿIlm al Maʿāni: Figures of Speech
ʿIlm al Badīʿ: Embellishments

The course is based on the book: Durūs al Balāghah, written by a panel of linguists.


Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at students who have already had some experience learning the Arabic language, and who have in particular studied Arabic syntax and morphology. Hence, this course is not suitable for beginners, nor is it suitable for students who have only studied up to the level of a text such as Ājrūmiyyah. 

How are the classes delivered?

Please note, this class was recorded with a group of students. The visuals and audio are of a very high quality. Although there will be no live interaction with the teacher, you will have the opportunity to ask questions via a dedicated Telegram group and have your questions answered by the course teacher. 

There is no English translation of the text available. However, the teacher will explain the text in English during the class. 

How long is the course for?


This course comprises of 16 lessons (2 hours each). Please note, a lesson will be uploaded to the student portal every Wednesday and will be available for two weeks only. We do not approve of giving students access to the entire set of lessons in one go as it tends to make students procrastinate and not complete viewing the classes.


The classes will be uploaded from:


Wednesday: 11/1/22, 10am

Please note: There will be a four week break for Ramaḍān. Hence, the final lesson of the term will be on Wednesday, the 31st of May.

There will be weekly assessments assigned. They will be short multiple choice assessments and will be reviewed at the beginning of each class. 

Student Portal

The student portal will contain:

  • Resources

  • Assessments 

  • Recordings of lessons.

Who will teach the course?

The course will be delivered by the founder of Tawfīq Online Learning, Alomgir Ali, a graduate of al Azhar University (BA Islamic Law) who also possesses a BA in Arabic and English. 

Course Fees

Further information 

Each Term lasts for 16 Weeks (2 hours per week) and costs £70 (60 with the early bird discount i.e. £1.56 per hour). We try to keep our prices low and believe that our fees are very low compared to most online institutions. 


Mobile: +447516227693 

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