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A special Opportunity...

Tawfīq Online Learning Presents


▪️An opportunity to join our most popular weekly class mid-term

▪️Starting from the beginning of Sūrah al Anʿām

▪️With a special focus on themes, lessons, benefits and rulings covering a few pages every lesson

▪️Join us from this Thursday 19/11/20, 8-10pm GMT for the next five weeks until the end of the current term (17/12/20)

▪️Recordings available on the student portal for a limited period

Book online now.

"The Qur’an study class is the highlight of my week Alhamdulillah! Studying the Qur’an is something I’ve longed to do for a while, but finding the time has been a challenge until now. Tawfīq online has facilitated learning in such a way that has been manageable, but more importantly accessible (especially financially). Through use of online learning and technology, I can fit the classes around my schedule and often have a dedicated day within the week to catch up when I miss the live lessons. This has ensured that I stay on track and remain enthusiastic about learning. Ustadh Alomgir Ali is a fantastic teacher - not only does he have a wealth of knowledge, the way in which he communicates it is engaging and motivational. I am grateful for the opportunity to stay connected to the Qur’an for the next few years by completing the study of every verse in relative detail, which is a distinct feature of this class not offered elsewhere. It is no exaggeration to say that the classes have changed my life. I urge everyone to study with Tawfīq Online, it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make!" (Student testimonial)

Registration ends Tuesday 17/11/20

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