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Qurʾān Study Class

Study the entire Qurʾān in two years.

We often hear snippets of tafsīr, or tafsīr of popular chapters or verses. Moreover, a lot of the tafsīr content is delivered over a short period of time, often in the format of intensive courses and classes, which frequently leads to people forgetting large amounts of information and benefits.

Many people have expressed their frustration at the fact that there are very few options for people to study the Qurʾān from cover to cover in a reasonable and paced-out period of time. I have personally embarked on a life-long journey to explain the Qurʾān over a period of a few decades, but for most, this is simply too long and the content is too detailed and complicated for some.

For this reason, we at Tawfīq Online, want to start off a study class that will cover the entire Qurʾān in approximately two years. This will involve a weekly two-hour class spread over four 16-week terms. During each class, ten pages of the Qurʾān will be studied. The main areas of focus will be:

· Major themes and topics.

· Important benefits.

· Major rulings.

· Reflections.

· A study of selected uncommon words (gharīb).

The classes will be delivered online and students will be expected to read the ten pages in advance in addition to bringing their points of reflection and questions. This will be an interactive class and we want students to be actively involved.

In preparation for this class, we will be teaching the book, “Meadows of the Divine”, a collection of 40 ḥadīth with their commentaries on the virtues and rulings of the Qurʾān. We will also be studying key principles and techniques that will enable students to prepare for the Qurʾān study class and therefore potentially gain much more from the classes. This class will begin in June inshāʾ Allāh (swt). Further details can be found here.

The Qurʾān Study class will begin in September, 2019 inshaʿAllāh and registration details will be released in August.

Alomgir Ali

Tawfīq Online Learning.

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