Tawfīq LIVE review

The 5th of June 2022 was the date for Tawfīq Online's first in-person event. The event was long overdue considering that Tawfīq Online Learning was launched in 2019 and there had yet to be a gathering of this kind to date. Such a delay actually made the gathering more worthwhile as it allowed students who formed friendships through the classes over the last few years to finally meet in person.

The event allowed students to meet each other over delicious food and a warm and welcoming environment. The food was organised by Recreating Recipes, a welcomed change from the traditional biriyani that is often served at events!

Catering by Recreating Recipes

A variety of foods were offered

Homemade Cupcakes for dessert


Qurʾān recitation by Sheikh Uzair Abdus Samad