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What's to come?

Alḥamdulillāh we are currently in week 14 of week 16 of our first ever term and so are looking forward to the upcoming courses, classes and term. Have a read below to see what things we have in plan for the near future:

Tafsīr Sūrah al Baqarah:

We began going through Sūrah al Baqarah a number of years ago and have moved the class to a number of different mosques in London and Luton. Hopefully, the class will resume after Ramaḍān in Central London inshāʾAllāh. We have begun to upload all of the videos (100 so far!) of the classes to the website (the page is not live yet), but you can have a peak preview as to how it look here:

Preview of the Tafsīr of Sūrah al Baqarah page

7-Week Course

After ʿĪd al Fiṭr we will embark on journey of teaching a group of seven-week courses starting on the 10th of June, until the 26th of July. We hope to deliver our own custom made courses to suit the duration of 7 weeks and hope to deliver the following courses:

  • A Basic Introduction to Arabic Grammar and Morphology. Although aimed at total beginners, this course is for those who can read the Arabic script well and have some experience in writing. This course will be ideal for those who want to prepare themselves for studying texts such as Ājarūmiyyah and Al ʿAwāmil al Miʾah.

  • The Meanings of Prayer (Ṣalāh). Sadly, many people do not understand what they recite in prayer nor do they understand the spiritual dimensions and significance of key postures within the prayer. This course will give an in-depth analysis of the things we say in prayer with the aim to breathe life into this sacred act of worship.

  • Actions of the Heart. Keys actions of the heart such as sincerity, relying upon Allāh (ﷻ), having hope in Him (ﷻ) and patience etc will be taught in a detailed manner.

  • How to Approach and Reflect Over the Qurʾān. The class will cover the methods of how to benefit and reflect over the Qurʾān.

The next 16-week term.

There will be no classes during August and so the next long term will begin in September inshāʾAllāh. A break-down of what classes will be offered will be released in the Summer.

Study the Entire Qurʾān in just over one year.

We are excited to announce that from September we will begin the study of the entire Qurʾān, in English. This will consist of covering 10 pages of the Qurʾān a week. In essence it will be an overview of the main teachings and benefits of the Qurʾān. This will be different to the weekly tafsīr class as that class is a very detailed study of the Qurʿān and will take a couple of decades to finish!

The Ramaḍān Preparation Course

Spaces are going fast. Head over to the booking page to book a place.

Student Hardship Fund Tawfīq Online Learning is pleased to announce the student hardship fund.

If you are struggling financially and would like to study future classes with Tawfīq Online, you can apply for the fund here:

Currently, the funds can be used for the upcoming Ramadan Preparation Course, 27th-28th of April.

If you would like to contribute to the fund, please get in contact:

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