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Zād al Mustqniʿ (Ḥanbali Fiqh)


Zād al Mustaqniʿ

Intermediate level Ḥanabli Fiqh

🔸 After successfully covering the Book of Purification we will be starting the Book of Prayers from this Tuesday 24th November, 8-10pm GMT.

🔸 There are only 4 weeks remaining of the current term. (The next term will start this January insha Allah)

🔸 Normal terms are 16 weeks long.

🔸 The entire text will be taught over the course of the next few terms insha Allah.

🔶 Please note this class is not suitable for total beginners

🔶 Knowledge of Arabic is desirable

🔶 Classes are recorded and uploaded to a student portal

🔶 Dedicated Telegram discussion group

🔶 Weekly assessments

🔶 Please note, students are required to register for every term. The £10 fees is for remaining 4 weeks of lessons for this current term.

For further queries, contact us at:

Registration ends TOMORROW Sunday 22/11/20, 11:59pm GMT.

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