Tawfīq Online Pre-Recorded Classes


As many of you will already know, Tawfīq Online Learning focuses mainly on live learning. This is because we genuinely believe that the internet is already inundated with information and knowledge which makes it difficult for a learner to remain focused and dedicated to classes that they sign up to. Live learning helps students keep focused, committed and not feel demotivated due to a lack of discipline. 

Not many online platforms share this philosophy. In fact, many people often sign-up to classes with promises of lifetime access to recordings to often find themselves procrastinate and in some cases, even forget that they even signed up to a class!

Nonetheless, there are occasions where some students miss the registration deadline dates or were unaware of past classes and so miss out on classes that they would have otherwise attended. It is for this reason that Tawfīq Online will trial offering some prerecorded lessons that were taught in the past. 



How it will work

1. Students can 'rent' a lesson at a time. Once they pay for a lesson, they will have 72 hours to watch the lesson. They can then proceed to 'rent' the following lesson if they decide to continue. If they do not watch it in 72 hours, they will have to 'rent' the lesson again. 

2. This is done to ensure that students do not procrastinate and delay in watching a class. 

The Book of Patience and Gratitude

A reading of the section “The Book of Patience and Gratitude” from Mukhtaṣar Minhāj al Qāṣidīn by Ibn Qudāmah (rḥ). 


Mukhtaṣar Minhāj al Qāṣiḍīn is a classical text that summarises Ibn al Jawzi’s summary of al Ghazāli’s Iḥyāʾ ʿUlūm al Dīn. The text brilliantly summaries the main beneficial points of the Iḥyāʾ whilst excluding the weak traditions that can often be found in the Iḥyāʾ.  


Patience and gratitude are fundamental qualities that every believer should aspire to nurture within themselves, especially in a time where so many are lacking in these two areas. The text expounds upon the deeper meanings and realities of both states, their virtues, how to nurture them within us and which is considered more virtuous etc.


The Arabic text will be read but will be translated word for word and so it will be an ideal opportunity for students of the Arabic language to test their comprehension skills, learn vocabulary and gain the experience of reading and studying a classical text. The class is perfectly suited for non-Arabic students too, as the main focus will be on the teachings of the text and not simply a linguistic analysis of it. 



Class duration: 7 classes (2 hours per class)

Arabic Text