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Stories of the Prophets

Sheikh Abul Ḥasan al Nadwi

Applied Arabic:


Develop your Arabic reading skills by reading about the lives of the Prophets in Arabic from Sheikh Abu al Ḥasan al Nadwi's (rḥ) book that was written for non-native speakers of the Arabic language. Have a look at the book by downloading the PDF below:

Qasas T3.png

Who is this course for?

This is an applied Arabic class. Hence, students are required to have studied some grammar and morphology beforehand such as the Madinah books (1&2) or book 1 of al ʿArabiyyah bayna yadayk.

How are the classes delivered?

For this term onwards, this class will be pre-recorded and will no longer be interactive and live. This will enable us to complete the text at a faster pace. The teacher will read the Arabic text, break down the meanings of sentences, explain important grammar and morphology rules. Each lesson will be uploaded to the student portal every Wednesday evening and will remain on the portal for two weeks before being taken down.  

How long is the course for?

This term is 16 weeks long.

Starting: Wednesday 6/1/21 for 

Duration: 16 Weeks 


There will be weekly assessments assigned. They will be short multiple choice assessments and will be reviewed at the beginning of each class. 

Topcis & Objectives

Each student will:

  • Increase their vocabulary 

  • Improve their comprehension skills

  • Improve their application and understanding of key grammatical rules

  • Please note the class will resume from page 151 of the book. The link to the PDF is available above.  

Student Portal

The student portal will contain:

  • Resources

  • Assessments 

  • Recordings of lessons.

How can I ask questions? 

Although the classes are pre-recorded and no longer live, you will be able to ask the teacher questions via the dedicated Telegram channel. 

Who will teach the course?

The course will be delivered by the founder of Tawfīq Online Learning, Alomgir Ali, a graduate of al Azhar University (BA Islamic Law) who also possesses a BA in Arabic and English. 

Course Fees

Each Term consists of 16 Weeks (2 hours per week) and costs £60 (£50 with the early bird discount i.e. £1.88 per hour). We try to keep our prices low and believe that our fees are very low compared to most online institutions. However, if you cannot afford the fees you can apply for the student hardship fund here

Further information 


Mobile: +447516227693 

Registration closed

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