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Ramaḍān Preparation Course

Delivered by Alomgir Ali


The Ramaḍān Preparation Course has successfully been taught to hundreds of students for over a decade now. It is a culmination of extensive research and thought and comprehensively covers the inward and outward aspects of fasting. 

Preparing for Ramaḍān should be something that every believer does. The contents of this course will give you plenty to think about for your preparation and will hopefully guide you to attain the best from the blessed month. 

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Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for all. No requirements are required. 

How are the classes delivered?

The classes are pre-recorded and are not live. There are over 9 hours of recordings. The recordings are on the student portal and will be available to view from the time of purchase until the end of Ramaḍān. 

Topcis & Objectives


Each student will learn the following topics:

  • Inner-dimensions of fasting

  • How to benefit from fasting

  • Virtues of fasting & Ramaḍān

  • Engaging with the Qurʾān in Ramaḍān

  • Fiqh of Fasting

  • Detailed Booklet provided

Students will develop a deeper understanding of fasting beyond the basic fiqh that will enable them to enhance their worship by the permission of Allāh ﷻ 

There are no assessments for this course 

Student Portal

The student portal will contain:

  • Recorded lessons

  • Resources

  • Access to a dedicated Telegram group for Q&A 

Who will teach the course?

The course will be delivered by the founder of Tawfīq Online Learning, Alomgir Ali, a graduate of al Azhar University (BA Islamic Law) who also has a BA in Arabic and English. 

Course Fees

The course costs £20. You will be given access to the recordings immediately (access information will be provided in the confirmation e-mail). You will have until the end of Ramaḍān to watch the classes. 

Further information 


Mobile: +447516227693 

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