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Tafsīr Sūrah al Baqarah

Lesson 1

Verses 1-3

Lesson 2
Verses 1-3


Alif Lam Mim. This is the Scripture in which there is no doubt, containing guidance for those who are mindful of God, who believe in the unseen, keep up the prayer, and give out of what We have provided for them

Verses 4-7

Lesson 3
Verses 4-7


Those who believe in the revelation sent down to you [Muhammad], and in what was sent before you, those who have firm faith in the Hereafter. Such people are following their Lord’s guidance and it is they who will prosper.As for those who disbelieve, it makes no difference whether you warn them or not: they will not believe. God has sealed their hearts and their ears, and their eyes are covered. They will have great torment.

Verses 8-9

Lesson 4
Verses 8-9


Some people say, ‘We believe in God and the Last Day,’ when really they do not believe. They seek to deceive God and the believers but they only deceive themselves, though they do not realize it.

Verses 10-12

Lesson 5
Verses 10-12


There is a disease in their hearts, to which God has added more: agonizing torment awaits them for their persistent lying.When it is said to them, ‘Do not cause corruption in the land,’ they say, ‘We are only putting things right,’ but really they are causing corruption, though they do not realize it.

Verses 13-16

Lesson 6

Verses 13-16


When it is said to them, ‘Believe, as the others believe,’ they say, ‘Should we believe as the fools do?’ but they are the fools, though they do not know it. When they meet the believers, they say, ‘We believe,’ but when they are alone with their evil ones, they say, ‘We’re really with you; we were only mocking.’ God is mocking them, and allowing them more slack to wander blindly in their insolence.They have bought error in exchange for guidance, so their trade reaps no profit, and they are not rightly guided.

Verses 17-20

Lesson 7

Verses 17-20


Lesson 7

Verses 17-20

They are like people who [labour to] kindle a fire: when it lights up everything around them, God takes away all their light, leaving them in utter darkness, unable to see- deaf, dumb, and blind: they will never return. Or [like people who, under] a cloudburst from the sky, with its darkness, thunder, and lightning, put their fingers into their ears to keep out the thunderclaps for fear of death- God surrounds the disbelievers.

The lightning almost snatches away their sight: whenever it crashes on

Verses 21-22

Lesson 8

Verses 21-22


People, worship your Lord, who created you and those before you, so that you may be mindful [of Him] who spread out the earth for you and built the sky; who sent water down from it and with that water produced things for your sustenance. Do not, knowing this, set up rivals to God.

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