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Al Waraqāt

Uṣūl al Fiqh

Imām al Juwayni

Uṣūl al Fiqh

Written by the great legal theorist, Imām al Juwayni (d.468 AH), al Waraqāt is a primer covering the basic topics and definitions of important principles and mechanisms used to derive rulings from the Qur'ān and Sunnah. It is an ideal text to to study for those who wish to embark upon the path of gaining a deeper insight into Fiqh and its derivation.


Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at students who wish to embark upon the path of studying fiqh (Islamic law) in a methodological and systematic manner. Knowledge of Arabic is not essential, although it will help. 

Having studied acts of ritual worship from a traditional text in fiqh is desirable.

How are the classes delivered?

Please note, this class was recorded with a group of students. The visuals and audio are of a very high quality. Although there will be no live interaction with the teacher, you will have the opportunity to ask questions via a dedicated Telegram group and have your questions answered by the course teacher. 

How long is the course for?

Topcis & Objectives

This course comprises of 16 lessons (2 hours each). Please note, a lesson will be uploaded to the student portal every Monday and will be available for two weeks only. We do not approve of giving students access to the entire set of lessons in one go as it tends to make students procrastinate and not complete viewing the classes. The classes will be uploaded from:


Monday: 10/1/22, and thereafter every week until 28/3/22. Then there will be a break for Ramaḍān.

The final four lessons will be uploaded from (2/5/22 - 23/5/22

Topics include:​

  • Sources of law

  • Actions of the Prophet

  • Abrogation

  • Conflicting evidence

  • Consensus

  • Analogical reasoning etc.  

Students will develop a basic understanding of the important terminology scholars of uṣūl use as well as appreciate some of the important methods used to extract rulings from the Qurʾān and Sunnah.


Student Portal

There will be weekly assessments assigned. They will be short multiple choice assessments and will be reviewed at the beginning of each class. 

The student portal will contain:

  • Resources

  • Assessments 

  • Recordings of lessons.

Who will teach the course?

Course Fees

Each Term lasts for 16 Weeks (2 hours per week) and costs £60 (£50 with the early bird discount i.e. £1.56 per hour). We try to keep our prices low and believe that our fees are very low compared to most online institutions. 

The course will be delivered by the founder of Tawfīq Online Learning, Alomgir Ali, a graduate of al Azhar University (BA Islamic Law) who also possesses a BA in Arabic and English. 

Further information 


Mobile: +447516227693 

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