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Arabic Language 

Please note, the classes taught are mainly aimed at students who have already begun to learn Arabic and can read and write in Arabic. These classes are not aimed at building vocabulary or improving one's conversational skills (directly) but rather aimed at improving comprehension skills by understanding the structure of the language.

These classes aim to strengthen a student's aptitude in grammar, morphology, rhetoric and comprehension skills.

For total beginners who would like to learn how to read the Arabic script and the Qur'ān, click here

Please note that not all courses will be available now.
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An Introduction to Grammar



Introduction to Arabic Grammar:


Studying Arabic grammer/syntax is fundamental for those who wish to understand the Qurʾān in its original language as well as other Islamic texts. 


This special tailor-made course is designed for students who can read the Arabic script comfortably. The aim of the course is to introduce fundamental grammatical concepts and terms that will act as a stepping stone for students to access and study further texts in grammar like al Ājarūmiyyah. 


Main topics:


  • Verbs, nouns, particles

  • Vowels 

  • Verbal/nominal sentences

  • Verb conjugation

  • Pronouns etc. 


The course notes have been devised by Ustādh Alomgir Ali who has nearly 15 years of experience in teaching Arabic. Students will be expected to complete exercises from their course notes weekly. 


Each student will be given a soft copy of course notes. 


The classes will be delivered live and recordings will be uploaded to the student portal for students to view if they happen to miss a class. 


al Ājarūmiyyah (Grammar)



(non-native speakers)

Al Ājarūmiyyah is a classical primer in Arabic grammar and has been taught for hundreds of years up until today and is regarded as a fundamental text to study for anyone who wishes to study Classical & Qur'ānic Arabic grammar.


Topics include:

  • Categories of speech

  • Inflection (I'rāb)

  • Verbs (Af'āl)

  • Subject-doer (Fā'il)

  • Objects (Maf'ūl bihi)

  • Adjectives (Na't)

  • Conjunctions ('Aṭf)

  • Circumstantial qualifier (Ḥāl)

  • etc 

Class Duration: 16 Weeks (2 hours a week)



Taṣrīf al ʿIzzi (Morphology)



(non-native speakers)

Morphology (Ṣarf) is the study of the structure of words (verbs & nouns) in Arabic and how they are derived and conjugated etc. It is a subject which is particularly important for non-native speakers as this topic plays a significant role in developing a person's vocabulary base. 


This class is based on the classical text Taṣrīf al 'Izzi (d.655 AH). 


Topics include:


  • Different types of verbs (three and four letter system) (Thulāthi, Rubā'i, Mujarrad, Mazīd etc)

  • Perfect, imperfect and imperative verbs (Māḍin, muḍāri', Amr)

  • How they are conjugated (Taṣrīf)

  • Specific verb patterns and their meanings (Ma'āni al Awzān)

  • Transitive & Intransitive verbs (Muta'addin, lāzim)

  • Basics of etymology and derivatives (Niẓam al Ishtiqāq)

  • Active, passive participles & other derivatives etc (Ism fā'il, ism maf'ūl, ism zamān/makān, ism al ālah, al marrah etc)

  • How to use the Hans Wehr dictionary 


Class Duration: 16 Weeks (2 hours per week)


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Matn al Binā' (Morphology)



(non-native speakers)

Matn al Binā' is also a classical primer in the field of ṣarf (morphology) and focuses on the various different verb forms, conjugation and meanings. This class will also cover how to use the well known Hans Wehr Arabic to English dictionary. 

Class duration: 12 weeks (2 hours per week)

al 'Awāmil al Mi'ah (Grammar)

Level: Intermediate (non-native speakers)

Written by al Imām 'Abdul Qāhir al Jurjāni (d.471 AH), this treatise covers 100 important agents/words that influence the grammatical structure of sentences such as the deeper meanings of prepositions and adverbs etc. Knowledge of this topic is essential for any student who wishes to embark upon the path of deepening one's level of grammatical analysis and will help a student access books of tafsīr and all other discipline that requires a strong grounding in Arabic. 

Class duration: 16 Weeks (2 hours per week)

Durus fil Balāghah (Rhetoric)



(non native speakers)

Rhetoric is an extension of grammar that enhances the art of communication through eloquence and linguistic mechanisms. Based on the text Durūs al Balāghah, this class will focus on the fundamental disciplines of Balāghahal Maʿāni, al Bayān & al Badīʿ


This subject should be studied after a person has studied grammar and morphology.

It is essential to study Balāghah if one wants to appreciate the eloquence and beauty of the Qurʾān. 

Download the text from here


Qaṣaṣ al Nabiyyīn (Stories of the Prophets)




(non native speakers)

Develop your Arabic reading skills by reading about the lives of the Prophets from a book written for non-native speakers of the Arabic language. 

The class aims to familiarise students with reading Arabic texts, in particular by reading the stories of the Prophets. The text is designed to start off easy and then gradually take the reader and student to a higher level of Arabic. 

The entire book will be taught over two to three semesters. 

Students must know how to read the Arabic script well and have some experience in studying Arabic such as at least book 1 of the Madinah Book or Arabiyyah bayna yadayk. 



  • Alfiyyah ibn Mālik

  • Al ʿArabiyyah bayna Yadayk

  • Quranic Arabic 

  • ...and more 

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