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Arabic Syntax

Tamrīn al Ṭullāb fi Ṣinā'ah al I'rāb

Arabic Syntax:

The i'rāb system allows for precise and detailed grammatical analysis and is an essential aspect of Arabic grammar. It helps establish grammatical agreement between words in a sentence and ensures correct syntax. Mastery of i'rāb is crucial for understanding and producing grammatically accurate Arabic sentences.

In this 6 week course, the text Tamrīn al Ṭullāb fi Ṣinā'ah al I'rāb by Sheikh Muḥammad Rāghib al Ṭabbākh (d.1370ah) will be covered. It is a short elementary text that explains how to perform i'rāb.

You can download a copy of the text below:


Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at students who have already some experience learning the Arabic language, and have in particular studied Arabic syntax and morphology. Hence, this course is not suitable for beginners. It is aimed at students who are already studying Arabic and have studied to the level of texts like al Ājrūmiyyah and need further assistance in strengthening their grammatical analysis skills. 

How are the classes delivered?

The classes will be delivered live on Zoom and will be interactive. The classes will be recorded and the recordings will be made available on the student portal for a period of two weeks. 

Please note, there is no English translation of the text available. However, the teacher will explain the text in English during the class. 

How long is the course for?


This course comprises of 6 lessons (2 hours each, every Monday, 7-9pm BST).  


The classes will start on Monday: 12/6/23​

Final class: 17/7/23

There will be weekly assessments in the form of short exercises where students will practice their i'rāb skills based on selected texts from the Qur'ān and hadith. 

Student Portal

The student portal will contain:

  • Resources

  • Assessments 

  • Recordings of lessons.

Who will teach the course?

The course will be delivered by the founder of Tawfīq Online Learning, Alomgir Ali, a graduate of al Azhar University (BA Islamic Law) who also possesses a BA in Arabic and English. 

Course Fees

Further information 

Student fees for this course is £35 (£25 with the early bird discount). We try to keep our prices low and believe that our fees are very low compared to most online institutions. 


Mobile: +447516227693 

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