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Qur'ān Studies

Please note that not all courses will be available now.
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Qurʾān Study Class



Study the entire Qurʾān in the space of a few years.

In this unique class, the entire Qurʾān will be studied with a focus on themes, lessons, benefits and rulings.  Each lesson will be two hours long and will aim to cover approximately 4 pages from the Qurʾān. The class will be interactive and students are advised to read the pages in advance and come to the lesson with their thoughts and questions. Short weekly assessments will be given to test the student's knowledge of what they learnt from each class. 


  • Students do not have to commit to each term. 

CLASS DURATION: 16 Weeks (2 hours per week)

'Ulūm al Qur'ān (Sciences of the Qur'ān)



Coming soon...

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