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Mukhtaṣar Minhāj al Qāṣidīn

Authored by Aḥmad ibn ʿAbd al Raḥmān ibn Qudāmah al Maqdisi, Mukhtaṣar Minhāj al Qāṣidīn is a summary of a summary of the monumental Iḥyāʾ ʿUlūm al Dīn by Imām al Ghazāli, one of the greatest works in spirituality and personal development. The text covers four major areas:

  1. Acts of worship - this section focuses more on the inner dimensions of worship rather than the outward aspects. Each act of worship such as prayer, charity & dhikr etc have a role to play in reforming our inner states. 

  2. Social Dealingsthis section focuses on key social interactions such as friendship, marriage, seclusion, enjoining the good & forbidding evil and more. 

  3. Destructive vices - this section focuses on the deadly sins such as pride, ostentation, envy, anger and more. 

  4. Saving virtues - this section focuses on the virtuous inner actions and states such as sincerity, taqwa, repentance, asceticism and more. 

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The entire text was taught over a period of three years (2019-2022) to a group of students over Zoom. The text was read in Arabic and translated into English (making it ideal for students with an interest in applied Arabic).

The classes were very interactive, with students often contributing to the topics with relevant questions and insights.


Please note, the book was taught in a non-linear fashion i.e. specific chapters were chosen to fit within term times. Nonetheless, it is not essential to follow the order of the book to benefit from it. 

There are no discussion groups or assessments for this class.

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Desert Sand

Term 1

Patience & Gratitude

7 two-hour classes (£25)

Beautiful Desert

Term 2

Asceticism, Reliance, Love, Contentment,
Sincerity & Introspection

16 two-hour classes (£55)

Sahara Desert

Term 3

The Book of Knowledge &
Secrets of the Acts of Worship

8 two-hour classes (£25)

Foot Tracks on Sand

Term 4

Wonders of the Heart, Treating Sick Hearts, Breaking the Two Desires, Anger, Spite, Envy & More


15 two-hour classes (£55)


Term 5

Ostentation, Pride, Self-Conceit, Self-Delusion
& Repentance


16 two-hour classes (£55)


Term 6

Rights of Companionship, Rights of Muslims & Neighbours, Seclusion, Etiquettes of Travelling

7 two-hour classes (£25)

Image by Juli Kosolapova

Term 7

Etiquettes of Reciting the Quran, Dhikr, Etiquettes
of Social Gatherings, Marriage & Livelihood


16 two-hour classes (£55)

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Term 8

The Book of Fear and Hope,
The Book of Remembrance of Death and related topics,

Ḥisbah pt.1


16 two-hour classes (£55)

Image by Emma Van Sant

Term 9

Ḥisbah pt.2​, 

Samāʿ  (singing, music etc)

Akhlāq of the Prophet 

6 two-hour classes (£20)

  1. Please note, you will not have lifetime access to the term you register for. You will have 5 months access for the 16 two-hour classes and 3 months access for the 6-8 two-hour classes. This is to ensure that students do not procrastinate in watching the classes.

  2. If you do not find the classes suitable, you can request a refund within the first week of registering for a term.

  3. There are no assessments for this class.

  4. If you have a question based on one of the classes, please email it to and it will be answered by Sh. Alomgir Ali.


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