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Afsor Ullah

Alhamdulillah - in a busy life of work, children and family Tawfiq Online has allowed me to increase in seeking knowledge and reconnect with Islam. The great convenience of being able to do lessons whilst in the comfort of my room with my wife and child is a distinctive feature of Tawfiq Online and without this platform I would not have been able to benefit from this knowledge. At the same time the classes have been interactive allowing you to ask the Ustadh questions live and also to learn from other students as they ask questions as well. I look forward to every evening to attend the classes but where I have missed them, Tawfiq Online allows you to access them online for a limited period ensuring that students don’t get lazy and listen to them all in batches. I look forward to completing the courses I’ve currently signed up for and to signing up for more courses in the future. Jazakallahu Khair; May Allah bless all at Tawfiq Online.

Umm Harun

Alhamdulillah, Tawfiq Online Learning has given me an opportunity to continue seeking knowledge whilst being a new mother. I am thoroughly enjoying being part of the Tawfiq Online community. I feel like my understanding of the Deen has broadened a great deal, SubhanAllah, since starting the 40 hadith of Imam An Nawawi course. I pray Allah rewards the Ustadh immensely and all those who work towards making these great courses a success. Aameen.

Talha Ahsan

It's rare to get an opportunity to study with an Azhar graduate who is a native English-speaker, born and raised in the UK, intelligent emotionally as well as academically, and experienced in teaching. Our grammar class covering al-Jurjani's famous 100 Particles is an excellent introduction to the intricacies of intermediate Arabic language learning. The emphasis of the online class is to have that live direct interaction. The tech is clean and smooth. Students can ask orally or via a chat box. There is an online assessment after each lesson to consolidate class material. Do support Tawfiq Online. It is the future of Islamic learning in the UK.

Afsana Begum

I am really enjoying studying with Tawfiq Online. I have actually found the sessions to be more interactive than some live courses that I have attended in person. The students have a platform to ask questions and engage in discussions. The weekly tests are a great way to reflect on your understanding and progress. Ustadh Alomgir goes through the answers every lesson which helps to clarify any misunderstandings. The 99 Names of Allah course has been amazing so far and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

Parveen Alavy

Ustad offers courses with in depth knowledge which me and my family find immensely beneficial and we can learn from the comfort of our home, which I am enjoying, what more can a busy mum ask for! In allah I hope to carry on learning through Tawfiq online. The courses cover a range of subjects that are suited to a wide variety of learners.


I really enjoyed (enjoying) the grammar course. Alhamdulillah, I was looking for a course that would build up on the little Arabic I studied before and solidify my knowledge. Alhamdulillah, this class is really insightful. The h.w assessment is designed in a way that is not too onerous but, really helps apply your knowledge. The class itself is structured really well and the sheikh, hafidhahullah, gives many fawaid. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to build knowledge after studying book 1/2 (madinah) or even as a refresher for ajrumiyyah


Assalaamu alaykum I am currently enrolled on the Nahw class. I chose this as my first class as I love Arabic grammar and tabaarakAllaah this class is teaching me more than I expected. Ustaadh goes through the text for the class in detail and not going onto the next point until everyone has understood fully. He also brings in points not in the text to allow students to get a full understanding of the points being made. I highly recommend this class to those with a foundation in Nahw who wish to learn this topic in greater depth.

Um Ismael

Tawfiq Online has so far been an eye opening experience, i was never a fan of online study however this proved to be extremely convinient, Tawfiq online team and respected Sheikh keep us updated regularly, track progress and address any concerns, i would highly reccomend! May Allah reward all involved


A great environment to learn in Alhamdulillah. Sheikh gives time to answer all your questions, and the classes are never rushed in order to cover a certain amount of information - rather the focus is on understanding

Ahmad Benkacem

Alhamduliah I have enrolled onto a fiqh course (manhaj alsalikin) with Tawfiq online. Abu Hanifa the course teacher has an amazing approachable personality and really engages with the students. The course itself is taught at a pace that is comfortable and understandable and the online timings and recordings on the student portal are very supportive and flexible. May Allah bless and give success to Tawfiq online


Great courses are available and a wide variety too. Taught live with sheikh and yiu can interact and ask questions - AllahummaBarik shiekh will answer all your questions and break down information to make it easier to understand. I’ve never enjoyed such a course like this before. 100% great organisation, content and communication. Will defo recommend!!

Shaheed Uddin

I am grateful to Tawfiq Online for providing the opportunity to study Islamic sciences in a convenient manner for those who struggle to attend classes in person. It is also very kind of the Ustadh to mark assessments on a weekly basis, give feedback and track the progress of his students. The courses are presented well with a variety of technologies being used for the benefit of the students.


I am completing the grammar classes, and despite having not studied Arabic for a very long time this course was right in terms of revising what I had learnt. I liked the text choosen; it’s structure is systematic which makes retraining the rules taught a bit easier. The classes also push you to use grammar in some writing via the weekly tests, which was a good stretch for me. The sheikh is brilliant mA tA, he explains in a very clear way.


Alhamdullilah, I have found Tawfiq Online Learning very beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it allows me to study in a structured manner over a period of a number of weeks. Secondly, the tests at the end of every week allow us to reflect on what we've been taught and see if we have understood it. Thirdly, the online method of learning is very beneficial for me. My schedule does not allow me to attend classes at a set time every week. However, with Tawfiq Online Learning, the recordings are put on the student portal every week without fail and without any technical issues. As someone who cannot commit to a specific class time every week, I find this flexibility to be very important. I've already recommended Tawfiq Online Learning to friends. This is an investment which is worth it. JazakAllahkhair for starting this endeavour.


Alhamdulilah joining this class has honestly been one of the best life decisions I’ve made. The structure of the course makes it very easy to learn about your religion. Studying from the comfort of your own home while having easy access to a very well established Sheikh. Usdath Alomgir is a very good teacher who makes all students very comfortable asking questions. Being able to catch up with class so easily is also a really great aspect of the course. The highlight of the course so far has been the mini tests we do after each lesson. Helps to consolidate what we’ve covered in class and you can tell the Sheikh has spent a lot of time considering which questions to include to help us see if we’ve really grasped the content. I’ve already recommended the class to friends.

Umm Abdillah

Firstly gratitude & appreciation belongs to Allah, and next Ustadh for the initiative of Tawfiq Online. It is an absolute blessing & privilege from The Most High, to be amongst those on the ‘path of seeking ilm in which Allah makes path to paradise easy’ bi’ithnillah.


Studying (after children) is no longer a barrier for mothers like myself thanks to Tawfiq Online, Alhamdulillah.


In a fast-pased world it is refreshing to take time out spiritually to seek knowledge, (‘the nourishment for our souls’), which is incumbent upon every Muslim. No matter where you live, with Tawfiq Online there is a vast range of courses & times tailored for all.


What makes Tawfiq Online truly unique is that every lesson is based via weekly LIVE interactive classes, taught in a structured systematic manner & directly by a knowledgeable scholar. Rest assured you’re seeking ilm from trustworthy & reliable sources; with course notes given, & books recommended to follow along with.


I’m also very pleased subjects are taught in a longer period of 4-6 months giving ample time to cover them in greater detail & gain deeper insight. (There will be shorter duration courses, intensive courses etc); something to meet needs of all.


Added advantages of Tawfiq Online such as ability of Q&A during lessons; plus one can catch up on a class missed via the student portal, (where each lesson is uploaded) - or simply recap over the class again, which I find most beneficial. Highly recommend to everyone. “May Allah grant us the tawfiq to seek ilm & implement for His sake & pleasure, and make ‘Tawfīq Online’ a success for all in this life and hereafter.”


I've been struggling to find both time and a proper academic institute to learn knowledge of deen. Allhamdulilah Tawfiq Online has solved both problems for me. Learning with professional Sheikh Alomgir Ali with the comfort of my home is a dream come true. I wish I could take all other courses Tawfiq Online offers. Amazing Work!

Saad Butt

I strongly recommend Tawfiq Online to anyone who seriously wants to learn about their religion. Shaykh Alomgir is a brilliant teacher and has helped me gain a much deeper appreciation of the Islamic Sciences. He is always willing to answer students questions and does not leave many stones unturned when teaching.

Sumaya Aneizi

Alhamdulillah for the ability to learn wherever we may be. To be corrected, enlightened and guided to the truth bithn'illah ta'3alah. Jazzakillahu khairun for opening more doors of opportunity for us through may Allah increase it in barakah and allow us to make use of the beneficial knowledge.


Ustadh Alomgir is one of my favourite teachers of our time. He is thorough, clear, reflective, well paced and patient TabarakAllah. 🙌🏼 ‎الله يفتح عليه وينور بصيرته


99 names has been a journey of awakening SubhanAllah. The more you learn about The Magnificance of your Lord the more in awe you will delve into the humility of being a chosen servant of His 💙 may He accept us and forgive us completely. Really looking forward to signing up to more classes inshaAllah and I urge you all to do the same you won't regret it. 💎


It's certainly a blessing to study the sciences which otherwise are not being taught in a methodical way. The feature of being able to revisit the week's class is very helpful! I look forward to future courses iA.


Personally, studying with Tawfiq Online has been a truly tremendous journey. The courses offered are varied, and are taught in a way that is humbling and rekindles one’s love and passion for the deen of Allāh ta’ālā.


I’m looking forward to enrolling onto next term’s courses. I pray Allāh (swt) continues to make Tawfiq Online a means for reigniting our love for Allāh (swt), with sound understanding.

Muhammed Ahmad 

I have attended other live Islamic Studies classes in the past, and I must say, that none I have attended so far, compares to the experience I have had with Tawfiq online. The experience has been at a completely different level. The audio / video quality, the interactiveness, the ease with which one can answer questions, the screen sharing and annotation, all of that has been really good.

I attended the "Meadows of the Divine" class. I was aware of the booklet and had gone over all the ahadith in it in the past. Despite that, I really did learn a lot from the classes and how the Ustadh taught.

One aspect of this course that I must mention is where the Ustadh taught us how to benefit from the Quran. How to interact with it, how to identify themes in the Quran, how to have a true relationship with the book of Allah. Every class we have a 20-25 min session on this. And it was extremely beneficial. Alhamdulillah I feel I have learned a lot in these past few weeks.

A natural progression from this course is the Quran course being offered by Tawfiq. I encourage all those who are reading not to miss this opportunity and join this course. It will really enhance your understanding of the book of Allah.

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