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  • How are the classes delivered?
    All the classes are delivered live, online via Zoom. Click here for more info.
  • What happens if I miss a lesson?
    All classes are recorded and will be uploaded to the student portal and will be available for two weeks. Thus, if you have missed a live lesson, you'll have two weeks to watch/listen to the lesson.
  • What language are the lessons delivered in?
    The lessons are generally delivered in English. The Arabic language classes will at times be delivered in Arabic, depending on the level of the class and the students.
  • The class clashes with another committment that I have. What can I do?
    All classes will be repeated in the future but on different days. Alternatively you can still register for the class and watch/listen to the recordings at a time that suits you via the student portal.
  • Will there be assessments?
    All classes will have online assessments towards the end of the term. Students are highly encouraged to sit all the tests to help them get the most they can from the classes.
  • I don't have PayPal, how else can I pay for the classes?"
    You do not need to have PayPal to pay for the classes. You can also pay by debit card.
  • I cannot afford the class fees.
    If you are struggling financially, please contact us here. Make sure to explain your circumstances.
  • Are the classes for men and women?
    The classes are open for brothers and sisters. You do not have to enable your camera during the lessons.
  • Will notes be provided?
    The majority of the classes are based on classical texts. Some have been translated whilst others will be in Arabic. All students will be provided with PDF copies of the text, but it is highly encouraged for students to purchase a hard copy of the text that they will be studying.
  • Can I watch the classes with my spouse or do they have to register as well?
    One registration is sufficient for a couple.
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