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Remember that each class will only be available for two weeks

Request a recording for a lesson

You should already know that each recording is available for two weeks once the class has been uploaded to the student portal. Each recording is uploaded to the portal the morning after each lesson.

We genuinely believe that two weeks is enough time for a person to watch a recording. However, we appreciate that sometimes it may be difficult due to illness, travels, and bereavement etc for a person to watch a recording in time. In such circumstances we expect students to contact us via e-mail or whatsApp to inform us that they cannot watch a lesson before it is taken down. Quite simply, it is not acceptable that students contact us many weeks or even months after the lessons have been taken down asking for the recordings. Even if one had a genuine reason that prevented them from watching the recordings, it is not an excuse for a student not to inform us of that since it only takes a few moments to do that.

Asking for recordings long after they have been taken down indicates a lack of commitment and organisational skills, something we do not expect from our students.


1. If you anticipate/know that you will miss a recording BEFORE it is taken down, you must contact us and inform us.

2. If you missed the deadline to watch the lesson and the lesson has been taken down, you can apply to get access to the recordings within 24 hours of the class being taken down. If you apply thereafter, your application will not be considered unless you had no access to the internet or were too ill to inform us.

3. If you do not receive a response from us within a week of submitting your request, it means your application has not been successful. Please do not personally contact the Ustadh to ask whether the application has been successful or not.


Thanks for submitting!

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