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Spiritual & Character Studies 

Please note that not all courses will be available now.
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The 99 Names of Allāh (swt)

Suitable for all

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, "Indeed, Allah has ninety-nine Names, one hundred less one, whoever commits them to memory (and applies them) shall enter Paradise."

The most important relationship we have in our lives is our relationship with Allāh (ﷻ) and so it is an absolute necessity to develop our knowledge of Allāh (ﷻ) so that we can improve our relationship with Him and draw closer to Him. Allāh (ﷻ) has thus spoken to us through the Qur'ān, explaining who He is and what attributes He possesses.

This class will focus on the names He has used to describe Himself as well as the names the Prophet (ﷺ) used to describe him. 


More importantly, the class will focus on how these names ought to impact our lives and our relationship with Allāh (ﷻ) 


Class duration: 16 weeks (2 hours per week)



The Book of Ṣabr & Shukr

Suitable for all

A reading of the section “The Book of Patience and Gratitude” from Mukhtaṣar Minhāj al Qāṣidīn by Ibn Qudāmah (rḥ). 


Mukhtaṣar Minhāj al Qāṣiḍīn is a classical text that summarises Ibn al Jawzi’s summary of al Ghazāli’s Iḥyāʾ ʿUlūm al Dīn. The text brilliantly summaries the main beneficial points of the Iḥyāʾ whilst excluding the weak traditions that can often be found in the Iḥyāʾ.  


Patience and gratitude are fundamental qualities that every believer should aspire to nurture within themselves, especially in a time where so many are lacking in these two areas. The text expounds upon the deeper meanings and realities of both states, their virtues, how to nurture them within us and which is considered more virtuous etc.


The Arabic text will be read but will be translated word for word and so it will be an ideal opportunity for students of the Arabic language to test their comprehension skills, learn vocabulary and gain the experience of reading and studying a classical text. The class is perfectly suited for non-Arabic students too, as the main focus will be on the teachings of the text and not simply a linguistic analysis of it. 


Each student will be given a soft copy of the relevant section of the book.


The classes will be delivered live and recordings will be uploaded to the student portal for students to view if they happen to miss a class. 


Class duration: 7 weeks (2 hours per class)

The Meanings of Prayer

Suitable for all

The Meanings of Prayer:


Allāh (swt) says, “And establish the prayer for my remembrance.” Prayer (ṣalāh) is the most important action of a believer and it is incumbent that believers understand what they say and recite in their prayers in order to make the prayer meaningful and to reap the full rewards of the prayer. Sadly, many Muslims do not understand what they recite in prayer and as a result feel as though they are not achieving some of the main objectives of prayer itself. Moreover, even those who understand what they recite fail to understand the significance of what they say and do, and so as a result, their prayers seem empty and devoid of substance.


This course aims to explain the common sayings, supplications and dhikr we utter during prayer and what significance they hold. Also, each posture and position in prayer will be examined in order to shed light on the inner dimensions of what they should mean to the believer. 


Course notes will be provided that contain all the essential supplications and dhikr we make alongside their transliteration and translation. 


The classes will be delivered live and recordings will be uploaded to the student portal for students to view if they happen to miss a class. 


Students will be given brief online multiple-choice assessments on a weekly basis to help consolidate what they have learnt weekly. 

Class duration: 7 weeks (2 hours per week)


Mukhataṣar Minhāj al Qāṣidīn

Suitable for all

Written by Ibn Qudāmah al Maqdisi, Mukhtaṣar Minhāj al Qāṣidīn is an abridgement of Ibn al Jawzi's (d.597 AH) abridgement of Imām al Ghazāli's magnum opus Iḥyā' 'Ulūm al Dīn. This particular class will focus on the following chapters:

  • Asceticism (zuhd)

  • Reliance (tawakkul)

  • Love (maḥabbah)

  • Intimacy (uns)

  • Contentment (rīḍā)

  • Sincerity (ikhlāṣ)

  • Self-Introspection (muḥāsabah)


Class duration: 16 weeks (2 hours per class)

Manāzil al Sāʾirīn

Suitable for all

Written by Sheikh al Islām Abū Ismāʿīl al Harawi al Ḥanbali (d.481h), Manāzil al Sāʾirīn is a classical text covering 100 spiritual stations. It is written in a very terse manner making it ideal as a textbook for studying spiritual wayfaring. The text was famously explained by Ibn al Qayyim (rḥ) in his magnum opus, Madārij al Sālikīn.  The first term (16 weeks) will focus on the following topics:


  • Wakefulness & alertness

  • Repentance

  • Self-reckoning

  • Reflection

  • Remembrance & more

Future Classes

Suitable for all

  • Selected readings from Madārij al Sālikīn by Ibn al Qayyim al Jawziyyah. (rḥ)

  • Sharḥ Manẓūmah al Ādāb by Ibn ʿAbdil Qawiyy (rḥ)

  • An explanation of the actions of the heart. 

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