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Prophetic Sayings

Please note that not all courses will be available now.
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40 Ḥadīth of Imām al Nawawi

This collection of Ḥadīth is regarded as one of the most important collections that every Muslim should study. It is a very comprehensive collection that covers a variety of different topics such as creed, worship, mannerisms, asceticism and more. It is widely regarded as the most famous collection of 40 ḥadīth. 

Class Duration: 16 weeks (2 hours per week)


Meadows of the Divine

Meadows of the Divine is a collection of 40 Ḥadīth with a brief commentary covering the virtues and rulings relating to the Qur'ān. Authored by Alomgir Ali, it was written with the aim of connecting people to the Qur'ān and rekindling their love for it. 

Class Duration: weekend course

Future Classes

  • Nukhbah al Fikr - Ibn Ḥajar

  • ʿUmdah al Aḥkām - ʿAbdul Ghaniyy al Maqdisi



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